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art_portraits's Journal

Art Portraits
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All Members , Moderated
Please read community rules and notes before posting to the community. Thanks!

Community Purpose: To post exceptional portraits of people. You are encouraged to post artistic, alternative, photoshopped or traditional film, slide etc. portaits of people. This community can be a place to be inspired by one another and give good well thought out feedback and encouragement. That being said, a portrait should not be judged on whether you find the model attractive or pleasing to look at, but on the merit of the image itself.

Art Portraits What do we mean by that?
Photos are subjective. Photography and taste is all very subjective, so what I am looking for are images of people that are either technically good, artistically expressive and or/ convey something of meaning. That is very broad I know. This being about portraits, the image should have at least part of a person's body in the image.

I think it would be great to have HDR images, photoshopped, collages, staged shots, magical realism, surrealism, pictography - even awesome paintings of people if they are inspiring.

*Post only 1 picture a day
*Once your image shows up in the community, comment on at least 1 image already posted in the community. Feel free to comment on many more than just the 1.
*Please do not link to another journal for comments.
*Do not disable comments
*Please do not use LJ cuts. We want to see the images in this community!
*Please limit photographs to under 900 pixels wide and around a 150k or less in size
*Leave encouragement and positive feedback for other members
*Nudity is allowed as art - no porn.